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My Life Chronology


Born on 13th of December in Tehran


Enters Mahmood Afshar Elementary School


Enters Taleghani guidence school


Enters Talash high school (mathematic field)


Enters Yazd Azad University, Textile Enginiering. Qits after three months.

  • Enters University of Science and Culture, Tehran, Bachelor of Industrial Management
  • Studieng Solfej and Music theory and practical baces of Music with Sharif Lotfi, Art University, Tehran.

Studieng Harmony, Countrapoint, Form, Orchestration, Composition and Film music with Prof. Kambiz Roshanravan, Sorayesh institute, Tehran.


Graduate from University of Science and Culture


Enters Sooreh University, Tehran, Master of Art in Music Composition.

  • Acting in movie "Butterfly in sleep" by Mazdak Mirabedini
  • 20 and 21 November, Concert with Sorayesh String Ensemble, as Composer in Roodaki hall, Tehran
  • Wone a reward of composition in 24th International Fadjr Music festival in Tehran.
  • Graduate from Sooreh University.
  • Became Member of Iranian Association of Composers and Orchestra Conductors.
  • Teaching Music theory, Harmony, Form, Orchestration in Sooreh University.
  • Teaching Music theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Form, Orchestration in University of Applied Science and Technology

Working as the first Iranian composer in Visby International Center for Composers (VICC) In Gotland, Sweden; as Composer-In-Residence, And having seminars during the residency.

  • Teaching composition lessons in Sorayesh institute.
  • 12th of AgoustPerforming "Helia" with Aare Tammesalu and Eda Peäske in Haapsalu, Estonia.
  • Attending in "Dutch Impro Academy" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as Improvisor. Having concerts in Bimhouse Amsterdam and Groningen.
  • Teaching Film music, in Cinema Faculty, Sooreh University, Tehran.
  • Head of composition department in University of Applied Science and Technology.
  • Member of music committee of University of Applied Sience in tehran.
  • Create Bachelor degree of music composition and Orchestra Conducting In University of Applied Scince and Technology in Iran.
  • Editing subtitles of Classical instruments course in Bachelor degree in University of Applied Sience in Iran.
  • Wone a reward of Composition in fifth Moghavemat Music Festival, Tehran.
  • Member of Iranian Association of Film Composers.
  • Staying at VICC as Composer-In-Residence in Visby, Sweden.
  • 24th of September. Performing some part of Cellography in Radical Tehran event, In Milad Tower of Tehran.
  • 19th and 28th of November performing Mahoora For solo Violin in Kos island, Greece.
  • 17th of Feb. Performing Nocturne with Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta in 30th International Fadjr Music Festival in Vahdat hall, Tehran.
  • 18th of Feb. Performing Nocturne with Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta in Hafez hall, Shiraz.
  • Acting in Movie "Being Born" by Mohsen Abdolvahhab.
  • 9th of July Performing Nocturne with Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta in Galsperlenspiel Festival in Tartu, Estonia.
  • Artistic advider of first Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (T.C.M.F)
  • Some Compositions

    • String Quartet No. 1 (has wone a reward of composition in 24th International Fadjr Music festival in Tehran- Iran in December 2008).

    • Symphonic Poem "The Verge" for Symphonic Orchestra.

    • Symphonic Poem "Gleam Of Aspiration" for Symphonic Orchestra and Tenor Vocalist.

    • "Gleam Of Aspiration" for Kamanche (Iranian instrument) and Symphony Orchestra.

    • String Quartet No. 2.

    • "My Grandma" for "Kannel" (Estonian instrument).

    • "A Song Which Is Release" for String Orchestra.

    • "Helia" for Harp Cello.

    • "Minstrel" for Clarinet and String Orchestra.

    • "Yaldaye Man" for Violin, Cello, Piano and Tenor Vocalist.

    • "Cellography" Pieces for solo Violincello.

    • "Violingraphy" Pieces for solo Violin.

    • "Bare Solitude" and "I am stading in the most far-off place in the world: beside you" for Harp and Kamanche.

    • "Salvation" in three parts for Harp and Oboe.

    • "Nocturne" for String Orchestra, Harp and Timpani and Tenor vocalist.

    • "We Eill Find Tranqility" for Saxophone Quartet.

  • Film and Theater Musics

    • Theater music of "Writing in Darkness" by Afshin Hashemi.

    • Music of documentary movie "B, Like Bird" by Hadi Malek Esmaieli.

    • Music of documantary movie "Bidrooyeh People" by Mohammad Rezaii Raad.

    • Music of short movie "Hasan Agha's Farm" by Atefeh Nouri

    • Music of short movie "Yellow Flowers" by Atefeh Nouri

    • Film music "Bridge" by Tina Pakravan.

    • Film music "Paradise Passenger" by Fereydoon Jeyrani.

    • Film music "Don't be Tired!" by Afshin Hashemi & Mohsen gharaie.

    • Film music "Erroneous Story" by Fereydoon Jeyrani.

    • Film msuic "Voice of Silence" by Hadi Naiji